“LeCLAIR.vision” is a resource for the identification, use, and care of VISION(S) glass-ceramic cookware. The focus is on vintage cooking vessels created by Corning and its subsidiaries. Please feel free to join the Facebook group to ask questions and share info about your collection.

FAQ: Is VISIONS The Same As Pyrex?

It is NOT! Pyrex is made of only ordinary baking glass (typically either borosilicate or soda lime glass) and highly susceptible to “thermal shock” when exposed to sudden temperature changes.

On the other hand, VISIONS is made of transparent Pyroceram. It is a glass-ceramic that will withstand temperature extremes beyond those normally seen in a typical kitchen environment. This allows VISIONS to quickly go from cold to hot and vice versa (such as freezer to oven or stovetop to sink) without breaking.

It’s important not to confuse Pyrex for VISIONS. Pyrex may suddenly shatter in scenarios that VISIONS can handle without worry.┬áNOTE: Many glass intended lids for VISIONS are made of Pyrex, since it’s inexpensive and easy to mold. Treat lids with care when hot.

You can read more about the exceptional qualities of VISIONS cookware on the Information page.

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