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Founded in France in 1825, ARC International is the largest glass tableware manufacturer in the world. They began producing stovetop-safe vitroceramic kitchenware under the Arcoflam brand established in 1977. Since that time, they have introduced various product families featuring an impressive array of cooking vessels. In addition to Arcoflam, ARC has used a number of other brand and product names for their vitroceramic offerings over the years and from one region to another. Other utilized brands include Vitroflam, Arcoroc, and (most commonly) Luminarc.

ARC also manufactures vitroceramic cookware for private label. You may find their vitroceramic products being sold under brands owned by third-parties such as Corning Ware, Visions, Princess House Nouveau, Nobilta, AreIkon Apiware, VitroMax, YITA, Vantage Amberware and numerous others.

As of 2023, ARC France is one of only two known manufacturers of vitroceramic (glass-ceramic) cookware. The other is Narumi in Japan.

The cookware identified below is organized partly in chronological order but also by labels used to differentiate various product lines at introduction.



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ARC's first foray into vitroceramic cookware was their "Trianon" line, originally sold under the "Arcoflam d'Arcopal" name. The style features a striking swirl pattern on the outside of the vessel. This line includes stovetop casseroles and both saucepans and skillets with detachable handles. Initially available in white, a transparent amber version called Clearline (later Amberline) was quickly added to the lineup… READ MORE


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Introduced in 1986, the Octime cookware collection features a sophisticated eight-sided beveled appearance. Casseroles are available in both Amber and White, with the latter being more common overall. Only white saucepans have been found and feature the same detachable handles as originally used with Trianon. Originally sold under the Arcoflam brand name, newer examples have been offered under Luminarc and Arcoroc… READ MORE



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Available beginning in the early 2000s, the Vitroflam brand was launched to offer these casseroles, baking dishes, and saucepans with smooth-sided bodies. Again, both amber (Amberline) and white (Vitroline) versions were available. All saucepans featured pour spouts, a first for ARC, and continued to use the same detachable handle available with earlier product lines… READ MORE


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Around 2009, ARC's casseroles were subtly redesigned with the most noticeable difference being rounded handles. The "Vitroflam" name still appears on boxes in some regions but most are sold under the Luminarc brand and feature a "Vitro" identifier. ARC maintained Amberline and Vitroline versions. Vitroflam-style white saucepans with pour spouts and detachable handles continued to be produced as did the baking dishes… READ MORE



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ARC expanded the Vitro range with the introduction of the Vitro Blooming line in 2013. These are typically sold under the Luminarc or Arcoroc brand, depending on region. Reportedly inspired by French morning-blooming roses, this all new offering features larger lug handles for a better grasp when lifting or carrying and a step-down rim style that improves pouring and deters boil overs. The Blooming line ships with "Maestro" oven-proof glass covers featuring an arched handle… READ MORE


- Cooking vessels are made of vitroceramic, however the lids are made of borosilicate glass.

- Box art doesn't always match contents. For example, some boxes marked as "Blooming", with a copyright of 2017 on the bottom of the box, actually contain Vitro Granite casseroles. When possible, it's best to verify before purchase if you are looking for a specific style.




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