“LeCLAIR.vision” is a resource for the identification, use, and care of VISION(S) glass-ceramic cookware. The focus is on vintage cooking vessels created by Corning and its subsidiaries. Please feel free to join the Facebook group to ask questions and share info about your collection.

Vintage VISIONS Identification Guide

An early version of an online identification guide for Vintage VISIONS has been added to the site.

At the moment, it only includes 1980’s-era Amber Visions saucepans, cook pots, and skillets. These are among the most long running and common product lines, and the ones most often seen out in the wild today.

However, this only begins to scratch the surface of what is available. I will be continually adding information to this guide over the coming days and weeks including info on other popular lines such as “Cranberry VISIONS” and “Versa-Pots” but also more interesting, obscure releases such as “Sculptured” and “White VISION”.

In the meantime, you can browse the data currently available in the Guide

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